In order to transcribe with our company you will need the following software and equipment.

For corporate transcription:

1. High speed internet access
2. A land or cellular phone line
3. A Computer Running Windows or a MAC
4. FTP (File Transfer Program) like Core or Filezilla. There are many free programs,
5.  Express Scribe, or any program that will play our audio files
6. Most of us communication through Trillian which is free.                                     7. Microsoft Word
8. Good quality headset. Listening to audio through speakers is not acceptable
9. Digital pedal capable of working with The Record Player and ES (not all do)
10. Start Stop Pedal Power program if you wish to transcribe video files

We recommend you do not spend money buying equipment until you have passed the tests and are working and decide this is for you.

Most audio files are Mp3 files. .Video files vary as to what programs they play in and most free programs do not play video files.