Application Process

Please: NO PHONE CALLS regarding these positions.

To Apply

Send us your resume, including work history and experience. Put it into the body of the email. Do not send attachments as they will not be opened.

Please also address the following questions in your email:

A.  Verifiable transcription experience (not required, but preferred). AAERT certification highly desirable.
B.  Secretarial, administrative, legal, or court reporting experience, if any
C.  Availability, day, evening, weekend, overnight
D.  Your time zone and state of residence
E.  Hours per week you can devote to this work
F.  Version of Windows you are using
G.  Type of internet connection you have
H.  Whether you own and use a foot pedal
I.  Software and equipment you know how to use (including all word processing programs, transcription, etc.)
J.  Why you want a work-at-home position.

Send materials to

Additional Screening: What to Expect

Once we receive your information, selected applicants will be invited to participate in our screening process to be considered for the work.

The screening process involves a few tests. These are free to take, however, you are not compensated for taking them.  After passing the tests, you begin work on a ‘probationary status,’ at minimum pay, while we assess the quality of your work. There is a lot of opportunity to progress and move up from there.

Social Security, Veterans Affairs and Immigration clients require full background checks and fingerprinting.  General legal and corporate do not.

Please note that applications are processed on a rolling basis. Sometimes, depending on our current needs, we may turn away qualified transcriptionists simply due to the number of applicants. We prioritize those with the most extensive relevant experience. We do take into consideration various types of experience that may be applicable, and for corporate transcription, may contract with folks who have not directly worked in the area before. Our goal is to best serve the needs of our clients. We do not do medical transcription.

If you have proceeded to the IC Agreement and IRS Form W-9 phase of the process, please send your completed and signed paperwork to:

Human Resources
Fax: 406-206-0315