Transcription Rates

Clean Verbatim - This type of transcript has the ums, ahs and uhs removed as well as stutters. False starts of three words or less are not included and run on sentences are  cleaned up.

Verbatim - This type of transcript has every utterance transcribed. It is as true to the audio as possible, where false starts, mispronunciations, stutters and poor English are included.  This is commonly used for legal transcripts.

Abridged - This involves not only omitting stutters and false starts, but correcting improper grammar where appropriate, subdividing run-on sentences and cleaning up the transcript into proper English when necessary.

We recognize clients have individual needs, specifications and turnaround times and invite you to contact us for a quote based on your specific needs.

Pricing Guidelines

Time Coding to audio or video add .30/audio min

Expedited service 24 hr turnaround time add .30/audio min to stated rate

Poor quality audio add .30/audio min to stated rate. This includes static, audio with background noise, no mic, hard to hear or generally difficult audio.

Audio with heavily accented speakers add .30/audio min to stated rate.

Corporate Earnings calls - Contact us for a rate based on volume, TAT and other specifications.

Please contact us for other options.

TypeTurnaroundRate/Audio Min
One or Two Person48 hours1.50
Multi-Person48 hours1.75
Conference Calls48 hours1.50
SeminarsDepends on Length1.50
VideosDepends on Length1.60

Research and Other Services

For information on rates for research, competitive intelligence, data entry, and other services, please contact us.